Next event, invited by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of the Swedish Crown Princes Victoria, POSTPONED due to Covid-19:

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands



The performers of Een oog in zee (An eye in sea) gave a foretaste of the music theater piece that will premiere in the spring of 2022. Een oog in zee is a modern adaption of Ariadne’s Greek tragedy, performed by a mezzo-soprano, accordion, horn and a dancer. Salomé Roodenburg wrote the libretto and composer Willem Boogman is currently working on the composition.

After experimenting with the first two scenes, they were performed at Factor IJ, where Salomé Roodenburg’s exhibition became the setting for the story!

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‘Everything on this wonderful CD is equally delicate; the music, the underlying idea, the instrumentation, the playing and above all the soulful and in all registers pure singing of Helena van Heel.’
Klassieke Zaken, May 2021

‘A beautiful arrangement, magnificently performed by Helena van Heel together with this ensemble.’
Nieuwe Noten, June 2021

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