CD Mein Liebeslied, released June 2022

‘For Berliozcycle Les nuits d’été […] is Helena, with her warm, velvet mezzo, an ideal interpreter. Surprising are the Sieben Liebeslieder by her compatriot Thomas Jennefelt, with lyrics by Else Lasker-Schüler. Captivating, visual music, which requires the necessary virtuosity from both the singer and the excellent pianist Naomi Tamura. Mahler’s songs also seem to fit Helena perfectly. Recommended!’ 

De Liedvriend, October 2022

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CD trailer - Mein Liebeslied - Helena van Heel & Naomi Tamura

Film recording, Casper Steketee


‘Everything on this wonderful CD is equally delicate; the music, the underlying idea, the instrumentation, the playing and above all the soulful and in all registers pure singing of Helena van Heel.’
Klassieke Zaken, May 2021

‘A beautiful arrangement, magnificently performed by Helena van Heel together with this ensemble.’
Nieuwe Noten, June 2021

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